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Visa World Check Card

You get the beneļ¬ts of our Visa World Check Card with any of our checking accounts and an approved application. It looks like a credit card, but the money comes from your checking account. The Visa World Check Card is accepted at more than 20 million locations worldwide.

Tips on how to protect yourself from card fraud:

  1. Protect account information - never give out information on your account over the phone or computer unless you initiate contact.
  2. Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN) - never write your PIN on your card.
  3. Keep all your receipts and check your monthly statements - verify that all transactions listed are legitimate.
  4. Notify VISA or us immediately - if a card is lost or stolen, the cardholder should notify VISA or Peoples Bank & Trust Company right away.  Call (800) 325-3678 or call Peoples Bank & Trust Company during business hours at (502) 484-3466.